My love for you is unconditional: Top 27 favorite songs

No, I could not pick just 25, get over it.

27. rocket – save ferris (unreleased, but played live)26. samson – regina spektor25. 10 minutes – get up kids24. festival song – good charlotte23. again – inspection 1222. tired of you – foo fighters 21. transatlanticism – death cab for cutie20. landed – ben folds19. best of me – the starting line18. my way – butch walker17. gravity – the dresden dolls16. indoor living – motion city soundtrack15. maps – yeah yeah yeahs14. misery business – paramore13. talk show host – radiohead12. sell my old clothes – saves the day11. memory – sugarcult10. no place feels like home – midtown9. tell that mick – fall out boy8. ocean avenue – yellowcard7. the rock show – blink1826. okay I believe you, but my tommy gun don’t – brand new5. my hotel year – the ataris4. konstantine – something corporate3. you’re so damn hot – ok go2. punk rawk show – mxpx1. a praise chorus – jimmy eat world

*new found glory and no doubt have their own lists