FANGS VRS. FUR: FINAL REMINDER! (plus me ranting aimlessly)

Today is your LAST CHANCE to vote in the Fangs vrs. Fur poll! Can team Werewolf pull out a come from behind victory? Or will team Vampire triumph?

On that note, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s going to be a third Underworld movie. However, Kate Beckinsale will NOT be back for it. It’s actually going to be a prequel, which was long suspected (there were always rumors about a prequel to explore the beginnings of the vampire vrs werewolves situation). However, I seriously DOUBT the “straight to video” line, as you figure the third movie in that trilogy would at least make SOME money.

Okay, while we’re on the subject: a few months ago I was working on an idea for a horror movie that will never be made. Ever. But that didn’t stop me from dreaming up a plot line and some other bits and pieces and a dream cast for it.

Basically, the movie is about a group of former soldiers who have been dismissed from action after a failed War Games scenario. They are later kidnapped and forced into a blockaded ghost town…which is actually full of former soldiers who are now extremely sensitive to light and require human blood to survive.

The troop is told that they were part of an experiment involving a viral strain. They were supposed to be the control group, the one that fell prey to the virus, however they ended up being the only group IMMUNE to the virus and must be sent in to stop the “vampires.”

My dream cast:

“Sarge”: The group’s leader, infamous for her tendency to disobey orders to protect the lives of her team, played by Demi Moore:

I wanted an older actress with a history of getting buff for film roles. Demi’s part in G.I. Jane sealed it.

“Shooter”: The wise-cracking sniper who’s an expert with every kind of firearm, played by Ryan Reynolds:

…yeah, still fangirling.

“Fangs”: The leader of the vampire gang that’s taken over the city, a former soldier in her own right, now driven crazy by betrayal, played by Zhang Ziyi:

Awesome fight scenes? Awwww, HELL YEAH!

There’s more roles, obviously, but those are the ones I’d cast. The movie would be absolutely terrible, total stupid action fodder, panned by critics. The casting I want would be expensive and ridiculous.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?



…I’ll be your best friend 🙁