Coheed fans scare students

Coheed & Cambria caused quite the commotion at the University of Kansas this week. Following a number of dorm windows being shot out a set of cryptic symbols were found spray painted throughout the campus with the date “10/23/07” underneath it. Rumors began to spread on the University’s campus that another shooting was coming on Tuesday (10/23/07). The campus police were swamped with phone calls and questions about the impending violence. Fortunately, the graffiti symbols popping up all over campus were to promote Coheed & Cambria’s release of their latest album No World For Tomorrow. The police eventually ruled out anything else as pure coincidence.
I don’t totally get it. Do people who shoot up schools typically advertise? Maybe I’m really used to seeing stenciled promo things just ’cause of where I live? *shrug*

Source: ONTD