Tag, I’m it apparently

I was tagged by hiddentrack. But I will not be tagging because that’s just how I am.

  • 1. Tell us in 10 steps your music life story
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1. (Early 1980’s) I’m a huge fan of Cindy Lauper. Who’s name I pronounce as “Cindy Wauper” because I’m only about 2 or 3 at the time. I was born in 1982 and She’s So Unusual was released in 1983, so this really is the earliest bit of music that affected my life.

2. (Early to mid 1980’s) My father is a huge fan of the Beach Boys at this point, so most car rides with him involve listening to songs like “Surfin’ Safari” and “Fun Fun Fun.” My father also has a life long love for Jimmy Buffet, which I will not only internalize, but will later by the only girl in my high school who knows (and will willingly sing) all of the lyrics to “Love Song from a Different Point of View.”

3. (1989/1990) My aunt lets me listen to her copy of Like a Prayer by Madonna. I’m instantly in love with it. Of course, I didn’t understand what she was talking about in half the songs, all I knew was that I loved the music. Later a girl in my girl scout troop told me that Madonna really believed in hating God and burning crosses and such. At the time I just nodded and said “Oh,” but inside I was thinking that couldn’t be true. She was singing about how loving someone was “like a prayer” so wasn’t that a good thing? Wasn’t she saying that being in love with this guy was like talking to God?I was more logical than I really should have been.

4. (Early 1990’s) New Kids on the Block.Don’t laugh. If you were a girl my age, you’d understand.

5. (1995) The film Mortal Kombat is released and my father buys the soundtrack. This is really my first exposure to techno and industrial, but I end up liking the theme song mixes and “Juke Joint Jezebels” enough that they become part of my rollerblading soundtrack.

6. (1996) The Spice Girls release “Wannabe” and I cave to their Girl Powered glory.Sporty was my favorite, for the record.

7. (1998) My friends begin introducing me to Marylin Mason, Tool and Silverchair. I remember thinking I liked my music more mellow and positive and denied liking Manson until my cousin caught me singing “Cake and Sodomy” at my 16th Birthday.I should add that by this point I had accepted my tomboy tendencies and my 16th birthday party was held at a lasertag venue with an arcade attached. I was also a huge wrestling fan (my 16th birthday cake had black and green flowers, DX colors biotch!) and this was around the time I started lifting weights.It was around this time that I was also exposed to the movie “Hackers” which caused me to start listening to more and more techno.

8. (1999) I earn my driver’s license and inherit my mother’s old red minivan (which I dubbed my “Big Red Machine”). A mess of cassettes can always be found in it, everything from the soundtrack to “Detroit Rock City” (Manson’s cover of “Highway to Hell” is fucking awesome) to the soundtrack to “Hackers” (mostly for when I was driving in the evening or at night) to J’Lo (LET’S GET LOUD!) to…the motherfucking Backstreet Boys.This is also around the time my obsession with Aerosmith begins. “Big Ones” was a constant driving soundtrack and I once handed in a paper at school that contained nothing but the lyrics for “Deuces are Wild.”

9. (college, 2001-2005) I moved away and everything got bigger and different. My new friends introduced me to music and I ended up liking:-Oasis-Robbie Williams-Travis-The Manic Street Preachers-Dar Williams-The Beatles-Snake River Conspiracy-Concrete Blonde

Time with the idiot manboy would leave me with a serious distaste for Metallica, but I managed to retain a love for Green Day and The Offspring.

10. (now) I like to call now “The Rebirth of the Bitch.” My musical exposure has been expanded since getting involved with sites like buzznet and talking with more music-minded friends about groups like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. I’ve found a lot of positive things in music and taken a lot of strength from it. “Sugar We’re Going Down” became the anthem for my break up with the Idiot Manboy, “There’s a Good Reason…” never fails to cheer me up, and I have promised friends, and will promise the rest of you, some good pictures of an “Early Sunset over Monroeville” this October :P.

So that’s it. There’s a whole lot more I could talk about, but I won’t. Because my 10 steps are over. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN YOU CRAZY KIDS!