In Dreams Do We…

Weird dream last night. Even weirder was how much I remember of it this morning.

Apparently I was this revolutionary of some sort, I know that I was fighting against someone that had taken power and was really fucking with people’s free will. I was apparently higher ranking, I had people under me that I was responsible for.

But at some point I turned myself over and agreed to stop fighting. As part of my “reassignment” I was forced to turn over my uniform (it looked mostly like military fatigues, and there was a hat, the hat was important) and watch them destroy it, smash it until it was unrecognizable. I tried to reach for the hat at one point, but couldn’t get to it, the machine smashing it would have taken my arm off and I was scared.

They (two girls, no names were really given) were leading me out of the basement where they were doing this, and bragging to me about the newest people to show up. I looked up and realized that several of my own troops had turned themselves over. I screamed at them to run, to not be as stupid as I had been, to get the fuck out while they could.

The two people leading me attacked me, trying to shut me up. I fought back, managed to lock one in a chokehold and she was flailing in pain if I so much as touched her.

But someone managed to knock me out and I never saw what happened.

And this morning I was wondering if my troops, my GIRLS, got away. If they really did turn and run and fight back. Or if they went along with it like I had, just turned themselves in and watch as something special to them, a symbol of something they were, their strength and their resistance to being what they were SUPPOSED to be, was destroyed and they were powerless to stop it.