BUZZNET’S FASHION Q & A (with me):

In honor of NYC Fall Fasion week, Buzznet asked me a few questions, so here are my responses:

What is it like walking down a runway in front of thousands of people and having cameras flash in your face? I’m normally thinking about how I’m gonna fall or where I can buy a nyc street pretzel.

What clothing designer would you most like to have the opportunity to model for? Betsy Johnson or Heatherette so Killer

Do you have a favorite photographer? Either one that has shot you before or has never shot you?Lithium Picnic and Casey Curry are amazing I have worked with them. Dave LaChapelle obvioussly, but that isn’t ever going to happen haha.

What is your favorite fashion shoot you have done? West coast choppers calender.

What is your favorite fashion show you have attended? Heatherette!

True or False, fashion trends start east and travel west? Kinda true trueish

What is your favorite season to dress for? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? Fall and spring! October is best month.

Who is one of your fashion icons? Dead and/or alive? Mary Kate, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Edie Sedgwick are rad.. No one in particularI just do what I want.

Do you think music influences fashion or fashion influences music more? Music influenees fashion for sure music influences everything