I had never before in my life heard of a Psychic Fair. The phrase does conjure some unique imagery. So when I first saw signs on Thursday morning advertising a Psychic Fair held by our local Spiritualist church, I figured I’d go check it out. Maybe they’d have a Ferris Wheel on the astral plane.

It was actually pretty cool, but low key. There were a handfull of vendors, but the big attraction was the readers who were all upstairs and charging reading fees on top of your $3 admission. So I mostly spent my time wandering around the small vendors area.

Now, I believe in that sort of stuff. The reason I was actually there was because the signs were up on Thursday, which was the two year anniversary of bad things that were really good things happening. I rarely leave the house by myself to do anything remotely social, so this was completely out of character for me to be by myself with people I didn’t know looking at the small but awesome offerings they had.

One table was hosted by Filidi Lame, which does handmade jewelry and other items (gorgeous votive holders, too!). While I was there, the woman running the table (I’m assuming it was Gloria, the owner and designer) was talking to a gentleman who was reading her palm and talking about a ridge that indicates a woman having trouble conceiving. Out of curiosity I looked at my own hand. He caught me and asked if I could see it.

Palmistry is not one of my fortes, honestly.

He ended up taking my hand and giving me a short and FREE reading while I was standing there. He mentioned I don’t have the ridge (which means I will continue to be anal about my birth control), and that my heart line indicates that I give my heart away too easily, but that I’m learning how to judge people and being more cautious now (totally true). I have a long lifeline, but it’s not split, so whatever I end up doing in life will be my primary focus. I’m apparently not meant to be a working mother, which suits me just fine and dandy.

My fate line is interesting because it just randomly disappears. Apparently this means I have a blank slate in front of me right now, I can do whatever I want because I don’t have a fate. I can choose whatever path I want, which is really sort of an awesome feeling. It also explains why my Tarot Readings for myself invariably give me no answers about my future. I don’t have one set in stone yet.

I wish I had been able to afford to get a reading, but apparently the readers were booked full. There was a much larger turn out than they’d planned for. However, I’m entered for a free psychic reading with one of the local psychics. There’s going to be a drawing.

But I’m sure one of them already knows who’s going to win.

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