The Bizarreness of my Favorite FANTASY people will probably be the size of their PHOTOS……..

I can’t promise that the possible Gigantic size of the pictures won’t jump out and ATTACK all of You BUZZNETER’S…… But I did have problems figuring this out so here goes:

Rules: 1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls.

2. You tag 10 people but I probably won’t be able to do this mine have all been tagged. You can’t tag somebody who has already been tagged.

3. There must be Photo’s at all times.

10. Jack Torrance, how can you not resist this face~

9. Well since the first didn’t go in the right place maybe this one will ~ fingers crossed~ Shakira…..She is so Talented.8. Well now I know what I did wrong the first time so this should be perfect.

Bela Lugosi, he had no problem getting the ladies in the 1931 movie Dracula~7. Cat Stevens, well of course not now but back when he was the CAT !6. I love this man SPIKE……..He is just the most amusing in my eyes~5. I love this Gorgeous guy and his beautiful hair no matter what color it is Jeffree Star~4. Susan and Roberta, This is my favorite movie of all times I can watch it over & over~3. John Tesh, he is one of the most amazing musicians and someone I know so if you never heard his new age music you should try it, it is inspirational~2. My favorite Country artist who is very underated Phil Vassar you might know his song Just another day in Paradise……..He’s Hot~And of course my big number ONE is you guessed it DAVEY HAVOK~Well I guess I didn’t do too bad for my first with photos except the first one which I clicked the wrong button but I was afraid to delete the pic and I would have to start from scratch, all these photos were scanned except for J and Davey….I might tag a few people….JJ