5 Halloween Covers I’d Kill For My Chemical Romance to Perform

(Get it? “Kill?” HA! I’M FUNNY!)

So, ’tis the season. No, not THAT season (which I refuse to refer to by name because it’s too damn early for that), dumbass, Halloween season. Though, interestingly enough, THAT season starts on October 31st for retail places, as I learned while working at Best Buy. You’ve never lived until you’ve spent a shift on Halloween pricing Christmas CD’s while dressed in FULL PIRATE REGALIA (despite my co-worker Luke’s insistence I looked more like a Musketeer. Though it DID earn me the nickname D’Artagnan. Chris O’Donnell’s got NOTHING on me.).

Anyway, I may love Halloween more than any other holiday ever. And so I’ve decided the festivities begin now, with a list of the top 5 Halloween Covers I’d Kill To Hear My Chemical Romance Perform:

5. “Ghouls Night Out” by The Misfits: Yeah, yeah, having MCR cover the Misfits is not stretch, especially since they covered “Astro Zombies” already. But can you imagine Gerard Way camping it up on stage and playing off the whole ghoul/girl pun? Yes, of course you can.

4. “Mouth” by Bush: A remix of the song appeared on the soundtrack for An American Werewolf in Paris. While the movie was pretty much made of fail (despite Tom Everett Scott being MADE OF SEXY), the song has continued to live on. It’s a little scary, a little sexy, and can apply to vampires or werewolves, pick your horror movie monster of choice.

(Which raises the question: Vampires vrs. Werewolves…who wins? Points will be deducted if you point out that this was already addressed in “Underworld”)

3. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder: I’m just imagining what MCR could do with a Stevie Wonder song. Come on, think about it. You know you wanna. Plus, it would mean Mikey could really do some damage on a bass line.

2. “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” by Concrete Blonde: An awesome lead guitar line, a catchy hook, and some random moaning and screaming (hopefully in the cover this would be provided by Frank Iero) got this the vote. Also, it would be another song Gerard could lend his trademark theatrics too.

And the number once song…DRUMROLL PLEASE….

1. “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones: This was covered by Guns and Roses for the movie “Interview with the Vampire” (“Louis, Louis, Louis…still WHINING Louis!”) and that’s the version I think MCR could build on. Gerard’s performance skills, the classic rock sound that could be molded as they saw fit, and let’s not forget that Ray Toro is a motherfucking guitar GOD.

But never let yourself believe that Gerard Way IS the devil. That title belongs to the one and only Dave Navarro.TELL ME YOU DON’T SEE IT! I DARE YOU!

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