Top 5 Umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh) Covers

Oh Rihanna, look at this epidemic you’ve inspired. Yeah I’m obsessed, whatever, so is everyone else in the world, so get over it. Because of the greatness that was Gerard Way cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” yesterday, I have compiled a list of the best umbrella covers so far!

5. Dashboard ConfessionalListen to the crowd singing in this one. Hahaha.

4. Biffy ClyroTo be honest, I’d never listened to this band before I looked up the cover, and now I want to…

3. Mandy MooreTurns Umbrella into a lullaby.

2. Gerard WayBecause he’s the LAST person I would ever expect to cover the song. Ok maybe not last, but second to last.

1. Huldaholm! Because homegirl can sing ANYTHING acapella. Serious. I begged her, and lo and behold… yeah, she can sing it. Gerard Way can be #1 in your heart, but I say Hulda wins.

If YOU do a cover, I’ll add an honorable mention section. Must sing with your own voice. No Ashlee Simpsons here, kthx.