Random Facts about us Panicrebels


Here are the rules:1) Only list 8 facts.2) You must then list 8 TAGS at the end of the post. This means you must name 8 people on Buzznet who now must do the same blog.3) Go comment on their profile and tell them to come read yours! I want participation.1.My favorite word is Penis.I swear I don’t know why it just is lol.2. I hate Hilary Duff for some odd reason, she just pisses me off. she’s just so…grrr I can’t stand her fake face lol.

3.I blast my music really loud when people I don’t know are at my house, and because it pisses off the woman who gave birth to me.4. I want to marry a celebrity because when they die I get their moolah lol. jk but i do want to marry a celebrity.5. I want be a host on The Sauce.(FUSE) because it will just be cool to get to meet awesome bands and get into great concerts/shows6. I been to 10 elementry schools which really sucks. I would cry everytime I would go to a new one.7. I hate onions on my burgers. They’re just plain nasty lol but I do love onion rings.8. I still listen to N’SYNC when I’m sad. I listen to “Tearin’ up my heart” or “I want you back” lolHmm… now who do i tag…?MountainMafia,Crazypatdfan0909,canadianxindie,jadesgirl,forbiddenfaith79,brendonuriesjoy,


-GracieEach of you must tag 8 more people and you can’t tag someone who has already

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