The Hills recap: The poetic Justin Bobby + “Surprises”

Season 3, Episode 2: I am happy to report this episode was GOOD! Highlights:

– The poetic (“truth and time tells all“) and aspiring shampoo model, Justin Bobby. He’s like a man with special powers– he can burp, he can be rude and disrespectful, but with one toss of those locks over his shoulder *whoosh* all is forgotten and the damsel (Audrina) is again smitten. The good news? He left his beret at home this time.

Lo quote of the episode: “Eat your pinkberry and enjoy life!” Amen, Lo, amen.

Lauren as overbearing best friend. Yeah, I know she gets crap for sticking her nose in everyone else’s business, but it’s not like she’s off the mark– her friends do date jerks. Thing is, when you’re falling for a jerk, you could really care less what your friends think. I’m just sayin’ at least Lauren is concerned, and not cheering on scandal like the Jen Bunney/Brody debacle.

– Stand by your man decorating decisions. First Spencer lets some sub-par graffiti-artist vomit all over the wall, then he purchases a vintage video game with a big ugly insect on the side. Heidi is peeved he’s making all this apartment-related decisions without her. He calls all these things “surprises“…. SO one day he comes home and Heidi has white paint and is painting over that fugly Hollywood mural! He walks in, his jaw drops, and she’s all, “I have a surprise for you!” Hahahaha. High-freakin-five Montag. Well-played. There is hope for you yet.