The Hills have music.

Thanks to Audrina Partridge, anyway. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t get much credit. She’s the soft-spoken, smiley-faced token brunette on The Hills.

But homegirl has some good taste in music! I remembered she mentioned Ratatat when Hanna Beth interviewed her at the MTV Movie Awards, so I was curious to know what she’s tuning into these days.

She immediately answered “The Kooks! I love them!” and also said the new Linkin Park & the Deftones are in regular rotation for her. She’ll be hitting up the Marilyn Manson / Slayer / Bleeding Through tour (she’s friends with Bleeding Through ’cause they’re from O.C.) so if you’re heading to that SoCal show, you might see her there rockin’ out.

I also asked her: If she could change The Hills theme song, what would she change it to? After a deliberation period that I’m quite sure annoyed some of the surrounding press people (OMG, DONT ASK HER HARD QUESTIONS) she answered: “I love The Knife. A song by The Knife. It’s so girly, ’cause it’s about girls. It’s not too hard, it’s just GOOD music.” (I think maybe she’s referring to the song “Heartbeats” by them, but that’s just a shot in the dark.)

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