Daydreams…Part 27

Minutes later, he comes running down the steps, passes in hand. ”Umm, why didn’t you use the elevator???” his brother asks. ”No time, gotta go now!!!!”. He grabs my hand and runs out the door, friend and brother close behind us. ”How are we going to get there???” I ask. ”There should be a car here, oh there it is, come on!!!!”. A black car comes speeding up to us, next thing I know, I’m pushed in the back of the car and off we go. When we get there, we have to wait in line to get out. I feel very uneasy, and a bit scared. The guys tell me it’s going to be ok, just stick by them and be cool. Then the time comes, it’s our turn to get out. The second my feet hit the carpet, the questions starts. ”Who are you??” ”Whats your name honey????” ”Are you with the band or…”.He answers them all by saying ”She’s my girlfriend, and yes, she’s with us” but he doesn’t say my name, thank god. Then it starts again ”How log have you’ve been together???” ”What kind of dress are you wearing???” ”Who made it???” ”Are you with him for his acting or music???”. ”What the hell…”I hear his brother ask. cameras are going off left and right. I’m getting really pissed off now. Then a dude comes up to me and says ”smile honey” and takes a photo right in my face!!!! He try’s to grab the dude but his brother pulls him back ”Don’t you think she’s going though enough without you starting a fight???” he says in his ear. He nods his head and takes my hand again, but I pull it back, I have had enough. ”I’ll see you at the show”, I tell him. And I walk away to the back door to get in. I hear him call my name but blow him off. ”He knows that this isn’t my thing!!! He knows I hate that shit!!!!”, I think angerly “What’s he thinks he’s playing at????” This is truly the worst night of my life. And to make things worst, I just saw my ex walk by…..

Any geuss on who the ex is?:)

I’ll give u a hint,but u will have to wait till part 30!!!!