Daydreams…Part 25

“Ummm,going on the red carpet with us???”.He says that with a very small tone.”Way???” ”Cuse….it would be fun??” ”Oh yeah,it will be a blast,lots of people,and lots more of cameras.You know how I feel about that” ”I know,but I want you with me.” ”But I’ll be with you at the show!!” ”But ,ohh this is going to sound silly!!!” he walks over to the window,then says ”I want the world to know that you’re my girl. I want them to know how lucky I’am to have you. I can’t tell you how many times I just want to get on top of a roof and yell to the world my love for you” he looks at me,then says, ”go on,laugh”. ”Why would I do that???” he looks at me, ”I don’t know,cuse it sounds stupid” ”No it doesn’t.I’ll go,I will”. I get up and walk over to him, I put my arms around him. We just stand here, holding one another, then he says ”I have no idea what I’m going to ware” ”We’ll worry about tomorrow, lets get some sleep”. We get into bed. Before we go to sleep I say to him, ”Next time,cut the drama ok???” ”You got it,goodnight”.