Clandestine Iconic.

A little over a week ago, the Wentz made this post:

we are also creating a series of jerseys based on literary and pop icons. this shirt commemerates hemingway the author, not the puppy. on the back the jersey number is the year he died. there will be a warhol one in green as well as a few others. feels great, kind of makes me feel like a jock but in a pseudo-intellectual kind of way. And now, there’s some voting goin‘ on. Hepburn vs. Austen vs. Kennedy vs. a bunch of other iconic (dead) figures.

Just wanna toss in that I made the first comment. And Pete answered me. Okay, he answered me and like, 15 other people but STILL. Audrey Heburn FTW!

Get in there and toss in your two cents. Pete is waiting.