I Can’t Stop Listening to the Halos EP. I’m Addicted!!!! Also, Saw Kat Von D — She’s Tall!!

I should be sleeping right now, but instead I’m drinking sparkling water, eating a handful of Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal (Yum Yum Yum) and listening to the Halos— my new favorite band and CD I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve already listened to about 50 times today and 50 times yesterday….more about that in a minute….

Sooooo, on a completely separate note, Steve and I were driving to The Grove the other day and we drove past Kat Von D’s studio, High Voltage (which happens to be just a couple of blocks from the Buzznet offices, 2 blocks from my apartment and 3 blocks from Steve’s. Um yeah we both live pretty close to work!) Anyway…there she was out on the street shooting her show…she kept crossing the street at La Brea & Fountainand she looked awesome, but I never realized HOW tall she really is — She easily has to be 5’10 to start and then she wears gynormous heels — she was huge. Of course neither Steve or I had a good camera on us — my battery was dead from shooting the Halos show the night before – -I pulled into the supermarket parking lot and we got out and watched for a few…then we started calling a bunch of people to see if they could come over quick to shoot some pics — but no luck. We’re staking out High Voltage and are determined to get pics of Kat!!! LA Ink premieres tomorrow — don’t forget to tune in — lots of other good premieres coming up…Watched Rock Life on VH1 tonight — Cisco and Tony Potato are always hilarious>WhiteStarr’sbehind the scenes photos and videos from the filming of the show. Also, The Hills — Yippee — and Weeds next week too!

Ok, so back to the Halos — someone seriously needs to help me cause I am completely addicted to their song Helium. All 4 of the songs on their EP are awesome…but Helium is out of control good….I think I scared people in W.Hollywood this weekend speeding around in my Jeep with the windows down blaring their song and singing at the top of my lungs…. Everyone should check them out — their fairly new, from OC — I actually went with Kron and Lizy last week to see them play at Chain Reaction in Anaheim and they were Awesome!! They’re super cute too!

Grab their EP (just came out July 31) Here! It’s only $4 and totally worth it. Kisses <3