Buzznet take on Heidi & Spencer!

Last night Meriah and I attended The Hills Launch press event at the LG House in Malibu. At first we’d heard that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were NOT attending, but right before we left Buzznet, we found out they were showing up for press– but were not allowed in the party.

When I finally wrangled them, I asked them what music they listen to and Heidi’s initial response was “My own!” which caused this weird sort of deja vu moment for me, but then I realized it was the other blonde villain, Paris Hilton, who’d said something identical in an interview.”They” also are into Ya Boy, T.I., 80’s bands, and urban, rap and hip hop in general. All of a sudden, the abundance of neck bling becomes clear! It’s obviously for street cred. Oh by the way, I asked her if she was going to rap on her album and she said “Yeah, totally. I’ll be like yo yo yo.

What’s that you say? You’re pre-ordering on iTunes at this very second? It’s okay friend, I’m with you. Can’t wait for Heidi’s “own genre” of music.

And just for you, my Hills-loving Spencer-loathing bunch, I asked the man: So, now that you’re engaged, does that mean you got rid of your homeboy phone? (You have to watch the video, he rolls his eyes like 8 times, I’ll put it up soon!) He said “Oh my gawwwwd, I didn’t have a real homeboy phone. It was a joke. I wish I had two phones! The bill for one is enough!” Heidi said she would’ve thrown it away if he did have one.

The joke was so skewed,” Spencer whined, “Everyone thought it was a player phone. What I was saying was, ‘Don’t worry Brody, I have a phone you can call.‘”

So what he meant was, I have a girlfriend, but I won’t forget about you, bro. I mean, thats why I got you the BFFL neck bling. Nothing says bonded like neck bling. Right?

Pictures pictures! Stay tuned for the the other interviews! (Lauren, Audrina, Elodie and the creator, Adam Devillo)