Alright, alright, here are your 8 facts:

Oh panasonicyouth, what have you started. Haha. I got tagged, here are the RULES:

1) Only list 8 facts. 2) You must then list 8 TAGS at the end of the post. This means you must name 8 people on Buzznet who now must do the same blog. 3) Go comment on their profile and tell them to come read yours! I want participation.

1. My pajamas have to match. I know, it’s like, who cares when you’re sleeping, right? But I sleep better when my “outfit” is coordinated.2. I was supposed to be a twin.3. I’m an ENTP.4. My ultimate goals in life are just to be totally articulate… and influential.5. I won’t watch cartoons or read comics if I don’t like how they’re drawn… if its a “real” show, I wont watch if the setting is ugly.6. I really wanted to be a Disney princess @ Disneyland (Cinderella, specifically) but I was under the height requirement.7. I often wish my eyes were brown– you can do so much more with makeup with brown eyes.8. I was born the same day John Lennon died; my dad went out and bought me one of his vinyls as my first ever birthday present.

I tag: kron, ericalovesit, hunterstone, sineads, maddieeee14, jassojasso, jillypeppa, and panicrebels

Doooo iiiiit.