8 Random Facts about the lady at Bizarreland

Here are the rules

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1. My first random fact is that I don’t know how to type this so each one is under the last one, so I’m not going to even try. 2. I have a good number of phobias like planes, boats, the water so as you can see I don’t like to travel. But even though you might think I’m missing out on things I don’t feel that way at all. I’m a very homey person. 3. I’m a self taught Artist I never went to college but I did take a course in Advertizing Art in a college, but since then all of that has been computerized, doesn’t that figure. 4. My first job was on Madison Ave in NYC as an Artist but I quit after 2 weeks because of the long commute. 5. I also took a 2 year college course in Floral Design but I changed my mind when we started to see how involved the floral business is, it’s not an easy business to run and very hard work. 6. I used to work on cars, and I’ve been into Hot Rods since 1962 I even tried to take Auto Mechanics in high school but being a girl in those days I only lasted a few weeks before the guys annoyed me. But I was a gearhead and most of my friends in school were guys. 7. My biggest and only regret in life was that I never got to live on a farm (humane) in the country. I was born in NYC and lived there for the first 10 years of my life but I feel that I was a country girl in a city girls body. 8. My last random fact is in 1963 I met the most famous woman in the world and spent an afternoon with her, you will find out who this was in a journal that I’m trying to write soon~

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