ventura the mess of the mess!

ventura was the second day of the tour..traffic was so terrible we didnt even get there till 6pm. i wasnt able to meet up with any of my friends on the tour.. but hopefully at next date. jeffery is comming to utah and denver with me. pink parade.steve from scary kids and me have some raging to do and he need my audrey kitching tshirt my goal seek him out utah!

this is my little brotherdid a singning at the hooligan tent thanks to eveyone that came you guys are rad.. i was so sleepy and drained from being in traffic all day excuse the z z z attitude!we watched some of the bands while running around the crowd, i met up with my manager joey when escape had finished on stage. i saw cindy jen and all the skelanimals people i love them so much there so awesome and we all looked like a skelanimal tribe in the new line haha! tonight we are taking the audrey car to san fran for the 4th.. so shane and andy can go to skate parks and i can wear sunscreen and not tan. right on.we also had the buzznet party the other day.. so funny drank so much champaign! haha ahh!i have a pink zune now its badass its like ipod but you can do more with it. pink is only the limited addition and i love it!