The last night of the Honda Civic Tour!

I started getting ready at around 1 p.m. I curled my hair and put on my Fall Out Boy shirt which I got for my birthday. I was done at about maybe 2:30.I chatted with my mom and cousin before my friend Amber called me at exactly 3:00 telling me they’re outside waiting for me.I grab my purse which had a camera,chapstick,and my house keys.(yep no money :/) 4 mintues after we left my house, I ended up forgetting my “Infinity on high” c.d so my friend’s dad had to drive back.I ran as fast I could to get it and run back to the car beacuse we still had to pick up our other friend Jessica

So once we picked our friend Jessica.My friend Amber asked her dad if she could put on “Infinity on high” which he happily agreed in doing so.We only sang to 3 songs because they didn’t know the rest of the songs lol.So after that we changd to “RIOT!” We knew the words to each song which was so much fun,but it came to an end when we got stuck in traffic.Thankfully her dad found another way to get there we got to Anaheim around 5:30.We still had time to get something to eat at my fav. restaurant Taco Bell.Once we got our food, we had to choke it down lol.

When we got to the Honda Center I thought were going to have to wait a long time. There was people everywhere.Once we parked there was a guy selling Fall Out Boy shirts for $20. He kept yelling “I got only two left.I’m selling them for 20 while inside they’re selling them for 40.” My friend jessica ended up buying one.After that little scene we waited for my friend Amber’s dad to get our tickets.While waiting for him I checked all the hot guys I could lol…so did my friends.Thats when my friend’s dad gave us our tickets.

The best part was that we were allowed to bring cameras.I was like “Yes!” lol. Once they searched us, we walked in.(They didn’t even touch my ticket they like scanned it or something).There was a dude at a desk giving out free posters but you had to sign up for something.So my friend Amber and I were like “What the hell lets sign up.” haha we got a poster of Fall Out Boy and one of the The Bravery.Next we were running around to find our place in the freaking big ass arena.(I hate arenas! ahh!)

We thought we were late so my friend’s dad quickly settled us in and he left. Cobra Starship was just starting. Gabe was looking fine as always lol.He had skinny tight jeans on with a purple hoodie.Second to the last song was “Snakes on a plane” and yes Billy Beckett came out lol. Once they were done performing there was a 15 minute intermission.During the intermissin there was 2 white screens and on the screens it said “Enter your message and text to( i forgot the number lol)” I can’t text anymore so my friends did. My friend Jessica texted “Hi Gracie and Amber.” haha we screamed when it came out lol. The people in front of us were like “How did you guys to that?” lol.We’re like “Read that” pointing to the screens. My friend Amber texted 6 times and her messages never came out lol.She was pissed but I couldn’t help but laugh.

After that some weird dude introduced Paul Wall.He was umm okay I guess lol.During the show my friend Amber was like “Sing Lean Back.” I was like “He doesn’t sing lean back you dumbass thats Fat Joe” We laughed at her stupidness lol.Again after that perfomance there was another 15 minute intermission.We took pictures while we waited for The Academy is…I couldn’t wait to sing and dance when Billy came out again lol.

Intermission was done and The Academy is…started with…omg I forgot lol.Sorry.I just kept staring at Billy because he kept running back and forth lol. He’s so skinny and tall lol.His shirt kept going up when he jumped up lol. I took like 3 pictures of that performance.I think they ended it with Billy and the drummer throwing the drums across the stage lol.Again another 15 minute intermission…Damn those intermissions kept getting on my freaking nerves lol.

Once the people from the arena tried to get everything ready for +44, backstage I saw Travis Barker lol.” I was like Oh my god there’s Travis with his shirt off.” lol A guy in front of me was like “Where?” (The guy wasn’t gay lol. Trust me). +44 was pretty good lol. They got the crowd pumped. In the end Mark the lead singer was like “Okay he haven’t sang this song in a longtime!” It was a old Blink 182 song.Once he said that all the guys meaning Cobra Starship,The Academy is…and yes Fall Out Boy guys came out in their boxers lol. I took a picture just so you know lol.

Finally they were done, again 15 minute intermission. My friends and I were taking a picture when all of a sudden people started screaming. We’re like “Whats going on?” In the white screens they were showing Pete talking about invisible children.I can’t really tell you much because I could barely hear him talk.People screamed from left and right.

When it ended all of sudden Pete,Patrick,and Joe popped out from under the stage lol.Fire was coming out from the sides of the stage lol.It was awesome. I think they started off with “Grand Theft Autumn.” every person in the arena was screaming like you have no idea. There were 2 girls in back of us yelling like they were the biggest fans. My friends and I got so freakin pissed we yelled our fucking lungs out lol. I think they got the point and sort of stopped yelling. haha Thats what you get when you mess with one of the panicrebels lol.

The show was amazing. I called Annette during a song lol. She told me to call her mom’s phone so I did.Her mom and her have the same exact voice and I could barley hear at the sametime. I heard someone pick up so I started saying this “OMG Netta Fall Out Boy is playing.” When all of a sudden Netta was like “Gracie, you kept talking to my mom, so tell me again from the beginning” I couldn’t but laugh lol.

My mom called during “Thanks for the memories” and I couldn’t hear so I sang a bit,yelled then ended it with “Bye, I love you.” When I got home she’s like “You were on speaker when I called.Everyone at work thought you were crazy or something” lol.Then Patrick sang Akon lol. It’s the one that goes like this “Nobody wanna see us together…” I don’t know the rest lol. Pete kept laughing and singing along.They played “Hum Hallelujah” when they finished that song. They started playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” Every started singing along lol. I knew every word to that song lol. I would write more but I have to get ready lol.

The guys ended it with thanking everyone for coming to the last show of the Honda Civic Tour. I wouldn’t change a thing about that night. It was just so much fun. I can’t wait till Paramore starts headlining, Annette and I are going to “party like a rockstar.” lol.

Thanks for reading guys. Sorry if it’s dull but I really need to get ready.bye.

*note* during each band performance they kept saying “fuck” lol. and Pete flipped off the camera as well.Oh and another thing there was a couple a few seats away and they kept making out with each other.They acted if like they were the only people there.It was seriously nasty.The dude kept feeling up on her and she’s like “Stop it.” but very playfully. Then they kept getting up from their seats, I bet they were having quickies in the bathroom.