Daydreams…Part 21

A while later we went downstairs.I told my mom the news.”Oh that’s great hun!!!”She nearly dropped coffee on his lap.”When are you going???””Tomorrow morning,then the tour will start the day after the AVMAS.” Night falls,and I’m at the concert.It’s awesome!!!!I feel very proud of him,see him up there,doing what he always dreamed of.And that’s go for the rest of the band.After the show,(and the meet and greet),we head to the shop for something to eat.All that time,we talked about what we would on tour.And since it’s my first time,thay give my a few tips.”You can’t go number two in the bathroom.You can’t get out of our sights cuse we’ll be worried to death that you got kidnapped or something.And when you see cazy,mad fan girls coming after the bus, make sure you tell the driver to put the gas on it,cuse if thay get to it,it’s all over but kicking and yelling.”We laugh at that last bit.Then we go home.He sleeps over my house again.It seems that we can’t be apart from one another,well,so his brother says.And of course it’s true.I wake up hours before I’m meant to.I feel arms around me.I look over and see him holding me,very close to him.I turn around to face him.I began to fall asleep when I feel lips on mine.Our kiss goes on what seems like forever,and then we go back to sleep,our lips still locked together…..