Blood Painted Roses *Part 16*

Blood Painted Roses Part 16

this song has been on repeat all night 😀

*Hayley’s POV*

“6:58….6:59….” I robotically read the times off the oven clock. This anxious behavior was new to me, and frankly, it’s scary.

I promised myself just one more glance. “7:00.”


I felt really squeamish all of a sudden. “That must be Josh,” I told nobody but myself. I hurried off the kitchen chair and looked into the mirror conveniently hung by the entrance door. I stared hard as if asking for my reflection’s approval. I chose a white strapless- cotton eyelet dress with uneven lengths, the longest one falling right at my knees. I shook my hair around carelessly and smiled with hope in mind.

[Knock, Knock]

I grabbed a lightweight black bolero before opening the door. “Hey Josh,” I quickly greeted while locking the door behind us both. I looked up to a dark hazel colored wide-eyed Josh. “Ummm, did I miss something?” I chuckled.

“You look so beautiful.” He said airily. I was hoping my next action wouldn’t happen, but to my luck, it was too late. I blushed a light shade of pink. “Thanks,” I said softly.

*Josh’s POV*

There as was no lie in that statement. She looked so beautiful, like she doesn’t even have to try, like she doesn’t even know. She just doesn’t realize how special she really is.


The ride to Dean’s house was peaceful and calm. She’s so witty, yet easy to talk to. Before long, we were across the street from his house and out of the car.

*Hayley’s POV*

“Looks like a full house,” he said with a smile. “Ready Hayls?” it’s funny how memeories come back by just the calling of a nickname.

“Yeah..” before I could take in my thoughts, he reached for my hand and held it in his and we began walking to the front entrance. I felt so uneasy, but we walked into the foyer like red carpet regulars. I tried my best to appear confident despite feeling out of place. Josh never let me out of his sight though; he introduced me to all his friends and I stayed by his side.

“Want something to drink, Hayls?” he asked getting up from the couch.

“Actually….yeah, yeah I’ll take a root beer. Thanks.”

“Coming right up!” he said with a wink. I chuckled to myself lightly while fidgeting with my hands. I took a deep breath and analyzed my party surroundings. That is until I felt a warm hand snake around my neck. I looked down at the foreign hand and turned around to face the drunken, weed-smoking jackass. “Hey babe, you fiiiiine as heeeelll.” His breath reeked of Bacardi and vodka.

“1) My name is not babe, 2) I don’t know you, and 3) I don’t want to after smelling you.” I said in a stern voice simultaneously twitching my nose in disgust. I lifted myself off the couch, but this guy wouldn’t quit.

“Well we can get well- acquainted upstairs. How ‘bout it?” he grinned at his sly proposition. He used his index finger to point to the staircase as if I didn’t know my way around already. Words weren’t needed in these situations, actions were wiser.

I softened my face, leaned into close proximity to his face. “Maybe another time,” I whispered with eyes glistening. I rapidly reached over for a candle I saw in the corner of my eye and shot the wax in his face. “’Cause now you’ll need to take care of that burn, jackass!” I said raising my voice thenstorming out of the room. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and heard all the small talk as if it were to me. I waited by some other couple near the entry to the door.

“Hayley?” I grunted before matching voice with face. I looked up in response. “What are you doing here?” Adam asked surpised.

“Ooh, I get it. You don’t want me here? Fine. I’ll leave.” I pouted and crossed my arms. I tried to act hurt while walking to the door.

“Nooo, I don’t mean it like that,” he said stopping me. “I mean who did you come with?” I opened my mouth to answer but my answer came to me. Literally.

“Hayls, here you go-” Josh came behind me and handed me the can. Soon we we’re all involved in this strange silence.

I had to break this staring contest Josh and Adam were competing in. “Josh wanna dance?” Adam cocked an eyebrow to my question.

“Sure.” I intertwined my fingers with his and lead the way. He wrapped a sheltering arm around my waist and we both moved our bodies in harmony with the blasting sound waves.

I looked over my shoulder and to my surprise, Adam and Brittany were basically bumping and grinding all over each other. He gave me a fake grin in reply to my shocked and twisted expression.

“Josh, want to head out somewhere else. Your place?” he nodded.

If he wants to play it like a game

Well, come on, come on, let’s play.

BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!!I don’t know why I just did that, but I just feel really random today. It feels great 😀 haha. So I wrote this part and I hope you all enjoy it ‘cause it was a spur-of-the-moment concept/idea. Gracie was originally to write this, but she wrote the last part

and I feel the need to write this one. I actually like this part, it has a little bit of my personality and pazzaz added into it. Lol. So do what you guys do best- that is read, buzz & comment^_^