Blood Painted Roses Part 15

Adam’s P.O.V

I can’t believe it! Me, Adam Breech got moved to second-string quarterback just because of the new guy? Even though I didn’t know Josh, I felt like bashing his head into a pole. I could not wait to leave practice. All the guys from the team got along with him right away.

“Alright guys, that’s enough for today, hit the showers.” yelled the coach from across the field. Finally, practice was over. After I showered got into a clean pair of jeans and a shirt I went straight to the coach’s office. I guess you know why.


“Coach! What is going on here? Josh just came here today! He should be the water boy or something! We’ve only known him for 3 hours tops!” Could you tell I was pissed off? I had to tell him exactly what I thought.

“Mr. Breech, do not raise your voice at me in my office! Josh has been playing and training in football since junior high school. Last time I checked, you started playing football when you came to high school.”

“So?” I asked with my eyes bulging out of my eye sockets.

“So if you don’t like the new arrangement, I don’t know what to tell you…”

“Well I do. Its unfair coach.”

“Unfair? I’ll tell you what’s unfair-you coming to my office whining and crying like a little girl. Get out of my office, or you will go from second string to off the team. You choose.” I walked out of the office and slammed my fist into the wall. I went back to the locker room to catch up with Dean.


“Dean! Dude, let’s go! I’m hungry!” I yelled into the locker room. I was so pissed off I wanted leave school as fast I could. I walked around the corner and to my surprise, Dean was talking to Josh.

“Sorry dude I was just inviting Josh to my party on Friday.” replied Dean. Dean was having a party?

“Uh I didn’t know you were having a party.” I asked confused. Dean invited Josh before me. What the hell is going on here? This dude was like brain washing my friends or something.

“I was going to tell you after practice but you ran off or something.” he responded defensibly. He sort of had a point.

“Oh sorry I had business to take care of.” I replied as I gave Josh a smirk.

“So you going or what?” Dean asked Josh who replied with a nod of yes. “Alright cool, we’ll catch you later then.”

Dean and I just walked out of the locker room and straight to the parking lot to where my car was parked. I wanted tell Dean exactly what I thought of Josh but Dean would just say this stupid cliché that they taught us in elementary school “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

I hope that tomorrow I will have a better day but all I could think of right now was food.


Josh’s P.O.V

I felt bad for Adam. I do not want to be known as the guy who took the star quarterback’s place. He seems like a cool guy so hopefully once he gets to know me; he will be cool with having me around. Dean’s invitation to his party was a great way to get to know everyone. Right after practice, I decided to explore Chicago. I went to starbucks to get a coffee because it was getting cold. I remembered I wanted to get a new album that just came out. Therefore, I went to the nearest music store I could find. It was Hot Topic.

I rushed into the store and went straight into the music section. I looked and looked for the album but I could not find it. So I asked one of the workers who was near the cash register.

“Excuse me, do you guys have Underoath’s new album.” I asked. I really wanted it.

“Let me check…” he said as he typed on his computer without looking down at the keyboard. “Yes, we do, just ask the worker in the back to get it for you.”

“Thanks for the help man.” I said as I was walking to the back of the store. “Excuse me, the dude in the front told me to ask you if you could get me Underoath’s new album.” I asked the girl worker whose back was facing me.

“Um yeah sure, here you go.” she said facing me.

“Thanks.” I snapped “Hayley? What are you doing here?”

“I guess you figured out my name.” she said with a smirk. “I work here if you haven’t noticed.”

She has such a way of making look like a dumbass.

“Um I knew that.” I said smiling awkwardly.

“Sure…you did.” she said sarcastically. I don’t know but there was something about her that just made me feel…different.

“Hayley! You’re off in 5 minutes, I’ll lock up!” shouted the guy from the front of the store.

“Finally…”I heard Hayley whisper. Therefore, I took a chance by asking her if she needed a ride home, she seemed rather shocked to the question.

“You don’t even know me, I could turn out to be a killer.” she said crossing her arms. I just laughed at the thought.

“Well…it’s a risk I’m willing to take.” I responded.

She laughed. Her smile was breathtaking and her green eyes just sparkled at every moment.

“Well…okay let me just get my stuff…oh and Josh don’t get any ideas because something might happen.” Whoa, I think this is the first time I was scared of a chick that is only 5 feet tall.


Hayley’s P.O.V

I could not believe I accepted a ride home from a guy I barely knew. I guess Josh did not seem that bad. I was not going to lie; He was really cute and sweet. The lip ring made him even cuter, but I knew a guy like him would never fall for a girl like me. After what happened with Adam at the Fall Out Boy concert, I didn’t want to embarrass myself anymore. The ride home at first was just awkward silence until Josh broke the ice.

“So…Hales…uh how long have you lived in Chicago?” he asked with eyes still on the road. ‘Hales’ was a nickname my dad used to call me before he passed away. It brought back some memories.

“I lived in Chicago since I was three.” I responded quickly. Moving to Chicago was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. If I were still in Franklin, my mom wouldn’t have died and we wouldn’t have met my step-dad John, who has made my life a living hell. “What made your parents move to Chicago?”

“Well…uh…my parents got divorced and I had to choose between my mom or my dad, so I ended up choosing my dad because I get along with him way more. I could tell him anything.” said Josh with smile. I wish I had a real relationship like that with my step-dad but all he gets along with is alcohol and prostitutes.

“Oh, I’m sorry…is it hard not seeing your parents together anymore?” I asked

“It sucks but I got over it. I mean they would fight mostly everyday, it bugged the shit out of me.” said Josh. “The reason they would fight was because my mom was always traveling for her job and she never made time for my dad, my little sister, or me.”

“Whoa…I would never choose my job over my family.” I said.

“So…are we getting close to your crib?” asked Josh as he smiled at me.

I could not help but smile back. His brown eyes just made me melt completely.

“Um yeah, turn left here…” I said as I pointed to the way. “…then turn left here on Dahlia Dr.”

After arriving at my house, I thanked Josh for the ride.

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said as I was about to close his car door.

“You’re welcome…wait Hayley!” shouted Josh

“Yeah?” I answered back.

“I know I don’t really know you…and you don’t know me but uh…would you consider going to a party with me on Friday night…I mean if you’re not busy or anything?” What just happened? Did Josh just ask me out? Should I accept or not?

“Thanks but I don’t know if I’m busy and I don’t want to say anything right now.” I said as nicely as I could. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” he said simply.

“But Josh…give me your number just in case.” Josh went from disappointed to happy in a matter of seconds. He wrote down his number in a piece of paper that he found in his glove compartment.

“Here you go.” he said handing me the piece of paper.

“Thanks. See you tomorrow.” with that I closed his car door and walked to my front porch.


I could not sleep. I just laid in bed thinking. All I could think of was him. The next thing I knew I was dialing his number. I felt as my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

“Hello?” said the other person on the other line very groggily.

“Sorry…were you sleeping?”

“Of course not…who’s sleeping at 4 in the morning?” he said sarcastically

“Very funny…and sorry for calling uh kind of late, I just need to tell you something.”

“No problem, what do you need to tell me that you couldn’t wait to tell me at school?” he asked curiously

“Well… I just wanted to say yes.”

“Yes?” he asked

“Yes, I would like to go to the party tomorrow night Josh.” I said

“Really? I mean great. I’ll see you later at school I guess, um good morning Hayley.” he said laughing.

“Good morning” I laughed then hung up the phone. I laid back in bed and just thinking of what I did. I just laughed. I went to sleep feeling relieved. I never done this before but it sure felt good to get it off my chest.

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*note-Annette wrote the part where Adam and his coach are arguing. So thank her for that.