Today in Creepy: Coach, 40, Weds 16-year-old Student

From ABC News:

Windy Hagar, 16, married her 40 year old track coach on Monday. Her parents, once they realized this was beyond a normal coach-student relationship, “tried everybody. We’ve been to the law. We’ve been to the school board,” Betty said. “Our family has come and tried to talk to her. We’ve had people on the phone with her for hours — family, friends. We’ve been to our pastor asking for guidance. We’ve been to his pastor.”

Meanwhile, the Hagers say Windy withdrew, refusing to speak to them until she asked them to sign a consent form so that she and her coach — a man more than twice her age — could get married. Although anguished, her weary parents gave in. “Signing those consent forms was the hardest thing I did in my whole life, but we had to move on, it was going to kill us all,” Dennis said.

Monday, Windy and Wuchae married, and he resigned from the school. But was Windy really old enough to understand her decision?

A lot of you guys are 16– or close to it– how do YOU feel about this story? I think she must be confused.

16-year-old weds 40 year-old– is this okay?
A 16 year old student married her 40 year old track coach on Monday. Here’s the story. Just how wrong is this?
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