Kanye Quote of the Day:

Mr. West recently spoke to MTV, here’s a little gem plucked smack out of the middle:

I made so many mistakes the past year, I started swimming in wack juice I needed to get out of,” he said. “I would read blogs and they would be like, ‘His shoelaces are untied, he’s a b—h.” He added that Late Registration co-producer Jon Brion even hinted that West should try to make music that made people see him as less annoying.

But instead of apologizing, Kanye uses the song’s first verse to vent frustration: “Bow in the presence of greatness/ ‘Cause right now thou has forsakenness this/ You should be honored by my lateness/ That I would even show up to this fake sh–.”

“Instead of coming with, ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ that song is an emancipation,” Kanye explained.


Ha. Okay, everyone knows Kanye has a HUGE ego, but at least he lives up to it. I’ve rolled my eyes at a lot of the things he’s said in the past, but I never thought of him as annoying. Besides, narcissists need a soundtrack, too.

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