Honda Civic Tour: 6/23 Los Angeles

Top 3 Things I loved about the show:

1. Hearing The Academy Is… play “Neighbors” live. I freakin’ LOVE that song, it’s so feel-good, I felt like my summer officially began.

2. Plus 44 playing the Blink182 song, “The Rock Show.” Heaven.

3. The part during the Fall Out Boy set where Pete got in the glass box and started stripping I mean, what? I don’t know who’s reading this.

3. Fall Out Boy‘s entire set. Seriously. It did not dissapoint. The graphics display, the glitter, the sound, Dirty voluntarily getting pummelled by softballs. I only wish it was longer, I wish they played more songs, and maybe “It’s hard to say I do when I don’t” because that’s my fav b-side.