Glamping: Sign Me Up!

I went camping once. It was 8th grade. We slept outdoors “under the stars” and while every other kid had fancy-schmancy subzero sleeping bags, I had something that resembled a discount blanket with a zipper. On the third day, a bear peed on my friends subzero sleeping bag and ate my backpack. We only got to take two 4 minutes showers the entire time. Needless to say, whenever my boyfriend brings up the idea of camping, I shoot it down. Do I look like the kind of girl who likes to cuddle with bugs?

Well guess what? I’ve find an option I’m open to: Glamping.

That’s short for Glamorous Camping.“Tents have Persian carpets, down duvets and even electricity. There’s a sauna and hot tubs on site, and activities including fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, hikes and wildlife-watching.” (USA Today)

Can I get a hell yes?