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Move Over Chihuahua, Mini Donkeys Are Taking Over…

When Paris Hilton got Tinkerbell, mini-pups suddenly became a cultural phenomenon and the accessory of choice for the famous and the not-so-famous.You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone toting around their Chihuahua, Pug, Pekepoo, Schnoodle or Yorkiepoo, usually with the mutt’s head peeking out of a Gucci or Chanel bag.

Well, tiny dogs be scared — you might soon be traded in for a Mini Donkey.That’s right, the Country Music Miniture Donkey Ranch in Austin, Texas, has spent years refining their miniature donkey breed to be the perfect pet.

One of these gentle, affectionate and well-mannered Minidonks will run you between $900 to $3,500.Perhaps Paris will get one sporting a diamond collar from her parents as a “welcome home from the slammer” present. We’d all probably be safer with her riding a li’l jackass around town than having her get back behind the wheel!Maybe the Judge could order that!