Wednesday Buzz 5/2

Sarah Jessica Parker takes a swipe at Gwen’s L.A.M.B. line… and I don’t totally disagree with her. I can’t afford that ish, either. (intoGossip)

What in God’s name is wrong with Britney these days? Why would she think this was a good idea? (POTP)

One Tree Hill returns tonight! I, unfortunately, have not watched in forever. I need the DVDs. (seriouslyomg)

How to rock a wig. Maybe Britney should take notes. (galadarling)

There’s gonna be a movie about the girl who holds the Girl Scout cookie-selling record. (cinematical)

Ohmygah…. this is not a good look for Katie Holmes. I guess she’s playing an old woman? (HollyScoop)

Homemade fast food? This would be a recipe for a 5lb weight gain… if I wasnt too cooking-incompetent. (Buzzfeed)