Tuesday Buzz 5/22

Napoleon Dynamite is a daddy. (POTP)

Battle of the ex-boyband members on Dancing with the Stars! Daaaang they can get DOWN. (seriouslyomg)

Paris Hilton’s reading material: Believable? (Evil Beet)

Oprah’s dad is selling out. I think this is maybe his way of saying “Daddy news a new set of wheeeeels!” (Yeeeah)

Avril wants to be a serious actress. But I won’t have it until she plays nice with the Duffster. (intoGossip & Allie is Wired)

A 13 year old CEO?! (Buzzfeed)

Diesel design gimmick, or are these sneakers actually a cool idea? (Cool Hunting)

A$$hole bees. (Junkiness)