Sad realities that is hard to accept,hard to forget but i must…


first of all,im not doing well!


but pr0mised,im okay!

i just wanna say that now,

i admit,im accepting it,that i have t0 let g0 0f gee…


then ur asking me why should i have t0 let him g0 c0z he’s n0t mine?

well,i mean,that,these crazythings that i’ve did,th0se time that i’ve wasted,m0ney that i’ve spent,and l0ve that i’ve gave..

its all going t0 be trashed!

but still,i l0ve MCR and gee but n0t that much but i d0!

yeah,i followed wat u’ve said bef0re bef0re t0 me,that if i l0ve him,ill g0nna be happy f0r him if he g0t married

yeah it hurts!!

but what n0re?

i have,i must,i should!!LOL XD!

yeah,its better than he’ll live his life al0ne…

yeah, ure ryt thatn u’ve ever kn0wn!

ill g0nna be happy f0r gee if his w/ eliza cuts,

if he’s dating eliza cuts,if he marry eliza cuts or any lucky girl!


and then ill always sc0ld myself..

“why o u have t0 love s0meone that is unrealistic>??”


my friends,my sisters and br0’s..

theyre all sending me a smirk…

“d0nt give everything on him,c0z he d0esnt kn0w and he’ll never kn0w that u’ve gave it all…”my sister ella said t0 me

“u give all u have but u never leave s0mething f0r g0d,,?”my br0 asked me

but what i did?

just sh0oked my head hardly and c0ntinue l0ving gerard way…

but n0w,

until n0w,this time,i mean it..

i have t0 let this feelin off of me..

i have t0 ‘let him go’

i have t0 st0p l0ving s0me0n that is very imp0sible f0r me…

but stil,i adore him and i l0ve MCR…

i still l0ve him but im sure–i assure u–that this very day,if gee g0t married or engaged,

ill g0nna be happy happy f0r him and ill be happy..s0 glad!!

f0r him..yeah..

i pr0mised.