peach candy

summer is almost here. time to find some new swim suits. a few days ago i saw the movie georgia rule. it wasnt exactly what i was expecting.. i was thinking some cheesy chic flic.. but it ended up being all dramatic and about incest… overall i would give it a B- ahaha. im crazy those peach candies that are round and covered in sugar.. such a sweet tooth. tonight im going to the knitting factory to see Drop Dead Gorgeous play.. this band Set Your Goals is playing as well..

today i got to go to Real Food Daily and get my favorite sandwish “the club”. and in a little sarah and i are going to CPK where we get the BBQ Chicken Salal with no chicken and avocado instead.. i now realieze that this whole blog has turned into me ranting about food.. ahaha.

have you ever seen the movie hedwig and the angry inch? i could watch that movie a million times and still enjoy it the next. the makeup and music in it is incredible..

thursday im going to some gibson guitar party.. friday is a photoshoot with ShutterClick… saturday is weenie roast and sunday is a surprise pool party for my friend luke..

skelanimals photos are now posted everywhere.. should be a feature in AP this summer.. so keep a look out.. nylon interview should be out soon, so once it hits news stands ill let you know…