Nicole Richie, Poet

Ms. Richie sent out this silly invite for her Memorial Day shindig:


I guess everyone didn’t get that it was intended to be humorous, so she called into KIIS fm to explain this morning. A blogger on ONTD says it went down like this:

-It was only meant to be shown to her friends and that it needed to rhyme. She also says she writes similar poems/invitations for “every holiday.”-She confirmed that Mischa Barton got sick at her party from alcohol & antibiotics, but was gone for all the action since she was at Ralph’s getting Sunny D.-She thinks Paris’ case was handled unfairly and thinks she was exploited. She and Joel are still together. Lindsay was at the BBQ, but she missed her because she was at Ralphs for 40 minutes and Lindsay only stopped by for 5 minutes.

Alright, now go read a book so you can reclaim the 3 minutes it took you to read this.