Monday Buzz 5/21

IBBB interviews Jesse Bruno from Workout! Totally LOL-worthy even if you don’t know who that dude is.

I’m one of those people who wears sneakers everywhere. So this article makes me happy. Link via Fashionista.

James Frey Settlement reached— in case youd forgotten, he was that author that really p.o.ed Oprah. (Jossip)

Wait you’re trying to tell me Britney delayed a plane because the seats weren’t leather? I don’t buy it. She dresses like this, remember? How picky can you be if you think that outfit is a good idea? (seriouslyomg & Holy Candy)

Why celebs look so good in magazines. Holy photoshop, someone teach me to do that! (The Dirty Disher)

The Laptop has a mini-me now.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 premiere photos! Get stoked, kids, its almost here. (Evil Beet)