Let’s Talk Season Finales:

I know a bunch of you are Grey’s Anatomy Fans, so this is something we must discuss— what did you think of the Season Finale? I personally thought it was incredibly sad, but I judge a finale by how much it makes me ache for the new season. I’m really invested in all the Grey’s characters, so it ending like it was really knife-to-heart.

What will George do– repeat his internship, or leave? If he leaves the show, what will happen to Izzie? Are Meredith and McDreamy realllllly over? Why didn’t Alex go for Ava when he had the chance? Why didn’t Miranda get Cheif Resident? Is Lexie Grey Meredith’s sister? Did anyone really want Cristina to get married? I had SUCH mixed feelings when she said “He left…. I’m free.”

You have to read Shonda Rhimes‘ (Grey’s creator) explanation of the finale: Tralala has it.

Secondly, I know not very many of you watch Desperate Housewives, but for those of you who did… how freakin’ sad was the last few minutes? Actually, here, watch it:

Totally effed up that Victor Lang married Gaby to get the “Latino Vote” in the Governer’s Race. Bizarre that Bree is pretending to be pregnant so that when her daughter Danielle gives birth she’s going to pretend it’s hers. I feel like next season is going to be really sad if Edie did leave and Lynette is battling cancer.

TONIGHT is the Heroes season finale! I’m so excited I wish it was 9pm RIGHT NOW. I was listening to the radio this morning and the actor who plays Nathan Petrelli was talking about the Spin-off (Origins) that will air in Heroes downtime. It will introduce 6 characters then viewers get to vote which one joins Season 2 of Heroes. He also said he has no idea when Heroes will return because of the writers strike. Gah! And Wednesday is the two hour Lost season finale. Oh baby, what a good week it is.