Jimmy Eat World Update! Yeaaaaaahhhh!

From absolutepunk:

“We have a mix date set for May 28th. Yes, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We just spent a week in Los Angeles tweaking out a few songs and stalking Tony from Sparta (we know what Starbucks you go to now, homz). We re-cut drums and bass for a song called “Here It Goes” with producer John Fields. We will be working on art and getting all our new stage costumes together soon. How does human-size banana suits sound? People would definitely ask us less questions about emo then.”

Hahaha. Wait didn’t Good Charlotte already do fruit costumes?

I’m so excited! And I don’t say that in a superficial Laguna Beach/The Hills kind of way– those girls swear they’re excited about everything. i.e. “I’m going to starbucks. I’m so excited!” or “Prom is 5 months away. I’m so excited!” or “Absolut has a new flavored vodka. I’m so excited! Just kidding I’m underage, I don’t drink. Wink wink.

I am genuinely excited. In honor of my genuine excitement, I’ll now go listen to “Authority Song” three times. Sigh. JEW is so timeless.