i d0nt l0ve you..(sliced talong’s version -i wr0te this-)

we sang this in our tour..hahaha…i wrote this c0z im sad on that time..but n0w i ffeel s0 happy!!!s0 i put it here..and p0st it t0 all 0f u!!yahooooooo!!!!!!

when ur married

d0nt ever thin i will n0t cry t0 you

and maybe when i saw u

ill be off t0 find and fake a smile

wen after all this time that ive wasted

ur still the 0ne i l0ve and i wanted?

s0 trashed th0se pics and cry out!

better cry out..

but i cant?

wen ur g0ne

d0 have t0 cry while saying

“i dont l0ve u,but i di..yesterday..”

s0metimes i want t0 smile but i cant,

im sick and tired to think that we are n0t meant

but baby *gerard*,wen they ask me wh0se my l0ve

then i will tell ur name..

well after all this l0ve that i’ve gave u,

an0ther fallen tears an0ther blue?

ill fix my eyes and get up

try tor get up

but i cant?

wen ur g0ne

d0 i have t0 cry while saying

“i d0nt l0ve u but i did yeaterday..”

wen i g0,

d0 i have turn and say..

“i d0nt l0ve u but i l0ved u yeaterday….”