Cupcakes Are In.

As if they were ever out!

Anyway, I was exploring the internets today when I came across like three different items about cupcakes. Sign from above? I think so. So here it is– a comprehensive cupcake post. Before anyone gets all “I BROUGHT CUPCAKES BACK!” I’ll admit it was J-Star’s cupcake-only diet and Hanna Beth’s vegan cupcake-baking that probably put it in my brain. That and the cupcake menu at Lucky Devils.

The goods:

Cupcake wall art from Serious Gnome.
Cupcake holder from
Sprinkles Cupcake Mix (red vellllllvet!!!)
Cupcake necklace from Fred Flare.

And two intense cupcake blogs, cupcakeblog and cupcakestakethecake. Good thing I’m too lazy to bake or else I’d surely be 250 lbs with all this cupcake-info.