Blood Painted Roses *Part 14*

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 14*

She puts on a pretty dress and wears it all over town.All over town.Says, “I can give you what you want; escape from the pain.Nobody has to know.”Stay away! Stay away!She wants your soul.She’ll take your life.Stay away! Stay away!It’s all secret love and a slippery road to hell.

** “Secret Love And The Fastest Way To Loneliness Lyrics” By This Providence

~Josh’s POV~

The bell rang and everyone scattered out the door and away from the classroom. All except the girl I winked at when I first entered the class. She was really attractive and had a very settled and clean appearance. She didn’t appear to be “over the top” and showy like the other girls at my old school.

I scooted over to the open seat next to her. “Hey I didn’t get your name.” She gave me a puzzled look then a sly grin fell over lips.

“You didn’t ask for it.” Then she left me thinking alone in an empty classroom. One thing is for sure- she’s got a smart mouth.

I spoke with the coach before school about joining the football team. So when school ended, I headed to the locker rooms. I got there early so I could start putting my equipment in my locker and change into my uniform. A group of guys stampeded into the rows of lockers, laughing and yelling. I pulled my shirt off my head and snuck a peak of who was making all the ruckus. When they saw me they stopped what they were doing and stared at me.

“So are you new?” One of the guys said.

“Yup, I’m Josh Farro.” I said with my arm stretched out for him to shake.


They looked at my hand, then bursted out laughing.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Wow I didn’t know I was that funny. “Dude. We don’t use “formal” handshakes here! I’m Dean by the way.” He was no longer a “no- name” now.

“Haha thanks for the heads up, man.”

“No prob. Just so you know, this is Jonny boy, Jason, Jeremy, and last but no least, my man Adam.”

“Oh ok, cool.” I said looking at each of their faces. “Sup?”

“Nothin’ much.” They all said in perfect unison. Dean nudged me on the shoulder. “This is our regular routine- acting like complete idiots around school, then coming to football practice to kick ASS!” He said as he put his arm around Adam’s neck and raised his fist in the air. All the guys started laughing.

“So what do you think so far?” Adam asked casually.

“Any ladies you wanna hook- up with?” Dean butted in before I could answer.

“Well I don’t know if she’s single, or if I want to “hook- up” with her, but there’s this one girl in my first period English class-”

“WHO?!” They all huddled in expecting an answer.

That’s when they started their name game.


“No.” I responded.


“Hey! That’s my baby sister you idiots!” Dean shouted at someone. “Ooops. Sorry.” One of them said in a low voice.

And so they continued.

“MRS. PATTERSON!” We all laughed at the thought. “Oh wow, calm down now guys. She’s got cherry red hair to her shoulders, and amazing eyes.”

“You know what they say about redheads, hehe, right?” Everyone looked at person next to him and nodded. I honestly didn’t want to know after seeing their facial expressions.

“Alrighty…anywho. I think her name is Hayley.”

All the guy held their stomachs as I ended that sentence. All except Adam and I that is.

When we got on the field, Coach gave us our positions and ordered us up and around the field.

“Ok, Dean, same position.” Dean ran to his place.

“Adam, you’re switching with Josh, so now you’re second-string quarterback. Move, move, we’ve got a game this week!” My face dropped. “Josh you’re taking Adam’s place as first string.” Adam gave me a glare. Adam grasped his helmet with all five fingers and almost crushed it with his anger. He dug his feet into the grass and waited for my call. I looked at the coach, then at what had just happened. This was going to be one heck of a joy ride to hell.

****This part was written by me once again. This was a little filler for you all. We don’t usually post on a regular basis and we don’t mean to post every two weeks or so, but it usually works out that way. I hope you all enjoyed this. It was thought up in 3rd period English and the finishing touches magically happened in 6th period. Comment & buzz lovers ;D