Adam Lazzara on Marriage:

Onlythis pulled an Adam Lazzara quote from Kerrang:

“I’m getting married next March. It’s going to be amazing, it blows my mind. Marriage is for the rest of your life and that feels great. I can’t be as open with anyone else as I can with my fiancee, she’s my best friend. I’m ready to put my life in the hands of someone else. It feels to right not to do this…”

For anyone not in the know, Adam is engaged to Chauntelle DuPree, who is the guitarist in Eisley (I have scans to post later, they’re in Nylon mag this month!)

Her sister Sherri DuPree is married to Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. Maybe I can marry one of the brothers and get in on that pop-punk family action, huh?

Kidding, totally kidding.