wHen y0u g0 d0nt reTuRn t0 mE..

im very sick..

i wat t0 cry..im very lonely..kn0w why??yesterday’s my bday..<april 1> and of course we’ve celebrated it w/ my family..but..

my sister..

named “funny”

she was g0ne..

n0 n0t dead..

she left me and my family..

she g0 away w/ her bf..

my mother and my father are both lonely..me to0 and my elder sis and bro..

p0or sis funny..

she run away and turn her back t0 her family just for one old-ugly-p0or guy?

oh l0ve..yeah thats l0ve..maybe thats love..huh?

but why??why did she have t0 d0 that t0 me/t0 my m0ther?my father?why the hell?/

what the fuck happened t0 her??

now i dont kn0w whats goin on her..i found a letter on my drawer..a letter fr0m her..she said that she will do wat she want to do..

and then she run after that guy..

wat will be her future w/ that guy???

i dont kn0w..

no one knows..

i’ve already start fogetting her..

so if u g0,plz dont return…

c0z i t0ld my self that ur already dead..yeah..dead