Tortured Artist is soooo ’06.

The starving-suffering-unstable artist stereotype is one that has interested me for some time now. Mostly because I not-so-secretly believe I was more creative in times of misery and confusion. I’m reading a book to sort of train me out of that thinking (a recommendation from Elisa), but the topic in general still piques my interest.

Anyway, I came across this bit on NME today— Kele from Bloc Party calling out Pete Doherty:

When asked if an artist needed to suffer to create, Okereke told The Guardian: “That is something that has been misunderstood in recent times, and has led to really clichéd behaviour. Someone like Pete Doherty – his drug-taking and refusal to adhere to a traditional lifestyle – makes people thing that his art is somehow more relevant because he’s a fuck-up. It’s easier to be a misfit or a dropout than it is to be a genius and actually create something.”

I totally get what he’s saying. I mean, there’s never been a time in my life when I thought Pete Doherty was a genius, but I am guilty of believing the must-suffer-to-create myth. And to an extent, I think history perpetuates that idea.

Agree/disagree? Can you name more totally sane artists, or artists with issues?