Thursday Buzz 4/5

ANTM photoshoot #6. Erm, I didn’t like this shoot. But I guess I like Jael’s the best. (ONTD) If you didn’t watch, check out IBBB’s recap!

Reese Witherspoon + Jake Gyllenhaal? Aw. (Holy Candy)

No one is trying out for Project Runway Season 4. (celebritysmack)

Don’t try that upside-down Spider Man kiss at home, kids. It ain’t as grand as it looks. (BWE)

“Don’t ever call me Lindsay AGAIN” (TMZ)ps. Lookin GOOD Milo, lookin good! (The Bosh)

Oh, speaking LindsLo, she wants to play Princess Diana. (intoGOSSIP)

Sanjaya strikes again. Sigh. (Pop Bytes)

Wanna dress like Kate Moss? Her lookbook is open. I ADORE lookbooks. You don’t even know. It’s like an addiciton (link via fashionologie)