Saosin on AP

On East Coast vs. West Coast (or uh, Max Green vs. Saosin): In last months cover AP story on Green’s new band, Circa Survive, the singer said Saosin members were “basically into tanning and, like, boning chicks;” adding that he hated what he was doing in Saosin and wanted to kill himself because of it.”“That’s just ridiculous,” says Shekoski. “We’re from a beach town, so we’re tan. So we’re a$$holes now?” Sorensen concurs. “In actuality, [Green] was banging more chicks than all of us combined. [Besides] it’s not like we kicked him out of the band. He chose to quit. So the fact that he’s in any way affected by that? Sorry.” Their new leader singer identifies: Dealing with Chris, Beau and Justin is extremely difficult. I could see why [Anthony] left.” Reber can relate because ever since his first tour, he has encountered many of the stressors that got the best of Green. “Pot, cocaine and heavy drinking,” Reber says specifying the temptations.

Read the rest in the May ’07 issue of Alternative Press and see more scans here.