putting all the pieces back together.

Life has been good lately. Everything is starting to fall back into place. I leave for the Shadows Fall tour in two weeks. Apparently, the bus I am staying on has leopard interior, fog machines, a disco ball and a sign the lights up which says “Live Nude”. Should be an interesting time.. haha. Yesterday I went to Virgin and bought the new Modest Mouse CD, Pretty Persuation, Rules of Attraction, Camille Rose Garcia’s art book, and a book teaching you how to make this weird critters. Right now I am eatting a bowl of captain crunch, while trying to wake up and start my day. Chicken won’t stop calling, and texting, and messaging.. and even if I tell him a thousand times to leave me alone, he still doesnt get it.. its the mind of a drug adict. they are all liars, and can’t understand when you tell them to leave you alone. Last night Ryan came over and his friend spray painted a giant picture of a gloomy bear fight this rabbit above my bed, it turned out really well, and I should have photos soon. I’m at my moms house right now, its weird being in my old room. It’s so different than how it was before, the feeling has changed. I love my new dog Mya. She is a German Shepard. I also have 3 smaller dogs, Marilyn, Ratu and Little Kim. Yes, Little Kim was named after the rapper, I named her in 5th grade.. haha.. and Marilyn is named of Marilyn Monroe.. and Ratu.. his full name is Un-Ratu.. not sure what that means.. my brother Marlon named him.

Until next time..

Don’t take anything in life to seriously.Always know there is always tomorrow.If people have something mean to say about you, it just means they’re insecure.