Look who’s stealing our stories… !!!!!

So a few weeks ago we got a google alert saying a blogger mentioned Buzznet. Our boss told to give him props and thank him. Then we found out it was not a Buzznet mention, that he just ripped one of our stories off and never took the word “Buzznet” out. We laughed a little. So, flash foward to last week, when I’m doing my daily blog surfing and I click on this blog again, in someone else’s blogroll.

And there’s like, three of our stories. In full. With no credits. So I look back through the archives, and this dude has been stealing our sh*t since Feb 15th! We sent over a letter from our lawyer, which we thought he may have read cause he stopped ripping us off for like, all of 2 days… and then this: (Here is my original post)

And here are his comments:

Is there something wrong with this picture? Oh, I think I know… that picture caption is MINE. And so is the writing.

You can go to the March Archives to see all the other junk he grabbed. And here’s February.

I wouldn’t care if he wrote ABOUT the same things as me. Or linked the same things or put up the same videos. But stealing MY commentary? (In addition to Poxline’s and DJ Rossstars) Stealing my captions? I don’t spend all day digging for this stuff and forming opinions on it so someone else can steal it and pretend its their own. He’s trying to establish himself as a blogger… with our content!

Freakin’ idiot.Anyway, I left him a little comment urging him to check his inbox for the email from our lawyer… hopefully something will happen. Soon.