Live in the House that Hil Built.

Just kidding, Hilary Duff did NOT build a house. She is in Jane mag’s “30 Under 30” feature, though:

Says the Duffster: “If I had to pick a backup plan to performing, I’d see myself designing perfume or maybe being an architect. But the good thing about being my age and being famous is that I can be creative and inspire people like others inspire me.” What exactly does she mean by “Perfume Designer”? “Make it smell like freesia and vanilla cupcakes and put it in a pink bottle with gold sparkles”? Doesn’t designing perfume as a non-celeb require some chemistry background? Or did I totally ADD-out during that segment on the Style channel? Anyway, I got nuthin’ but love for the Duff and I’m glad she made the list.

Read about the other 29 wave-making youngsters in the May ’07 issue of Jane.