Jason Wahler is so hard core.

Us Magazine has some disconcerting shots of The Hills/Laguna Beach has-been Jason Wahler… playing Russian Roulette:

The pictures, which were taken last summer, show the 20-year-old and his friend, rapper Jay 211, holding a pistol to their heads and then pulling the trigger. “We were just wasted one night and we ended up back at Jay’s house in North Hollywood,” a source who witnessed the incident tells Us Magazine. “Everyone was just playing around and they decided to play Russian Roulette. There was one bullet in the gun and Jason and Jay both pointed the gun at their heads and pulled the trigger.” Luckily, no one got hurt. The source adds: “Jason’s out of control. He’s out of his f–king mind.” This is playing out like a bad daytime soap, isn’t it? All he needs is a crazy emaciated underage girlfriend who wears throws patio furniture into…. hang on– wrong show. That was The (fake) O.C. not Laguna Beach: The REAL Orange County. Ohh, Jason, you’re so Ryan Atwood. Cage fighting is next, I presume?

-5 points for anyone who replies with the obvious. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Kthx.